Harmonica servicing, restoration and customisation

10-hole Diatonic Harmonicas

When sending your harmonica(s) to Antony please ensure that you have included your full contact details and that your harmonica is adequately packaged to prevent damage during transit.

Ship to:

Antony Dannecker
56 Horse Fayre Fields
PE11 3FA
United Kingdom

As soon as we receive your harmonicas in the workshop Antony will examine your harps and contact you with a full breakdown of repair costs including some optional upgrade options.

If sending harmonicas for service from outside of the EU:

Import duty does not apply to harmonicas sent to me for repair so to avoid unnecessary shipping/clearance delays please ensure that you complete the form correctly remembering that as your harmonicas are in need of repair their actual value is negligible. When sending harmonicas for repair and customisation from outside of the EU please use the customs docket we sent to you with your harmonica(s).  Copies of these customs declarations can be emailed to you if required.

Servicing & Customisation Price Guide:

10-hole diatonic harmonicas for customisation and/or repair cost between £20-£40

Chromatic Harmonicas

Unfortunately I’m unable to accept any further chromatic harmonicas for repair/renovation at present. This will change in the future so please check back for updates.

In the meantime I would recommend contacting the Hohner service department;

Europe: http://www.hohner.eu

USA: http://us.playhohner.com