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Dr. Antony Dannecker MA(Hons) DMus F.I.M.I.T.

Over a Century of Harmonica Heritage & The Home of the World’s Most Expensive Production Diatonic Harmonica

Dannecker Family Harmonica Heritage
The Dannecker family harmonica tradition started in 1895 in Germany with the appointment of engineer Carl Dannecker to the Hohner harmonica company. Carl then dedicated the rest of his working life to the technical development and manufacture of harmonicas. Since then, four generations of Dannecker family members, including Antony’s father, the late great Willi Dannecker, have worked within the harmonica industry (Hohner) and with professional harmonica players right up to the present day with Antony Dannecker, professional harmonica craftsman and pioneer of the Dannecker Optimus and Centurion harmonicas.

These two exclusive 10-hole diatonic harmonicas represent the pinnacle of over 100 years of Dannecker family expertise and know-how. Soon after their launch both harps were embraced by top performing harmonica stars, instantly receiving acclaim and cult status, positioning Dannecker Harmonicas at the cornerstone of the world’s finest harps.

Flawless precision combined with unique innovative design

Both Dannecker Centurion and Optimus models feature solid brass, heavyweight cover plates (an industry first – adding strength and durability and are built to last a lifetime). Both harps feature a choice of either a heavyweight solid brass (chrome plated) comb or a lightweight solid ‘Lexan’ comb, offering ‘all the warmth of wood without the warp’. For serious collectors and concert performers 24t gold plated versions of the Optimus and Centurion are available and represent the two most expensive production diatonic harmonicas in the world.

These harmonicas offer the player an unparalleled combination of power, tonal richness and the widest dynamic soundscape together with an array of unique design features never seen before in a diatonic harmonica. Of particular note is the patented Dannecker Opti-Chamber™, a tone chamber within the core of the harmonica, which projects resonance and volume whilst greatly enhancing cupped hand expression, vibrato and deep blow/draw bends. Furthermore, the Dannecker Centurion range reinvents how wide and deep reed chambers are able to go when a harmonica is inherently and completely 100% air-tight. Consequently, these Centurion characteristics favour the over-blow technique perfectly. It is these extraordinary innovations that evoke the spirit of accomplishment and reflect the pioneering quality of Dannecker Harmonicas.

Heritage Signature Endorsee Harmonicas

Made with German passion and consummate efficiency, each and every individual component part has been developed and engineered with impeccable build quality and an elegant design which is functional, tactile and ergonomic.

All Dannecker harmonicas incorporate unique and extensive customisation processes which go way beyond simple reed slot embossing and reed arcing. Dannecker harmonicas offer optimum reed control that enables the performer to reach ever higher levels of musical expression, harmonic purity and a stunning musical experience.

Dannecker Harmonicas are a fine example of German cultural heritage which endeavours to think and act from the standpoint of our customers to provide top quality products and services, actively cultivating longterm friendships with our clients. Upon purchase you become a member of the Dannecker family and you will enjoy experiencing our legendary customer service. You can expect a relationship founded on trust and respect where everyone is treated with honesty and fairness.

Our personalised customer care service is based on individuality and provides tailor-made services to all our clients who are, after all, the ambassadors of our unique sound. In order to maintain these high standards all Dannecker harmonicas are built to order and are only available for purchase from this website.

We believe the distinctive and unique Dannecker sound to be a contribution to the global culture of music and social development, enriching music’s ability to bring emotion and joy to people all over the world. Whichever model you choose, you will find yourself playing a masterpiece of sound that can only come from the Dannecker workshop.

Dannecker Harmonicas prides itself in maintaining a most impressive list of clients, both past and present, who have embraced the Dannecker brand and made it their harmonica of choice.

  • Charlie McCoy
  • Jean “Toots” Thielemans
  • Rob Paparozzi
  • Bruce Willis
  • Andy Garcia
  • Sigmund Groven
  • Kenny Baker (R2D2 – Star Wars)
  • Laurence Garman (The Yardbirds)
  • David Turner (Bad Manners)
  • Adam Gussow
  • Dale Spalding (Canned Heat)
  • Marcus Bonfanti
  • Katie Bradley
  • Shakey Joe Harless
  • Trevor Steger (Babajack)
  • Jamey Garner (High South)
  • Errol Linton
  • Huey Lewis (& The News)
  • Sting
  • Paul Lamb (& The Kingsnakes)
  • Elio Pace
  • Bryan Ferry
  • Mark Kermode
  • Andy Irvine
  • Jon Gindick
  • Judd Lander
  • Arlo Guthrie
  • Mark Feltham (Nine Below Zero)
  • Charlie Musselwhite
  • Rachelle Plas
  • Dave O’Grady
  • Mike Harding
  • The Levellers
  • Danny Jones (McFly)
  • Mike Batt
  • Larry Adler (1914–2001)
  • Paul Jones
  • Giles King
  • Hugh Laurie (AKA House)
  • Martin Shaw
  • David Suchet (AKA Poirot)
  • Tris Imboden (Chicago)
  • Peter Golding
  • Sandi Thom
  • Joe Brown
  • Rick Hatfield
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Vivian Stanshall (1943-1995)
  • Dame Evelyn Glennie O.B.E.
  • William Kotzwinkle
  • Michael Kitchen
  • Jimmy Kimmel
  • Van Morrison
  • Ben Curtis (The New Groove)

Dannecker Harmonicas – harmonicas for life.