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Van Morrison and Dannecker Harmonicas

It's been a great start to the summer for Sir Van Morrison - being named in the 2015 Queen’s birthday honours and being presented with the Johnny Mercer Award during the Songwriters Hall of Fame Event in New York. Commenting on his Knighthood announcement, Sir Van said, "Throughout my career I have always preferred to let my music speak [...]

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Lead Belly Fest at The Royal Albert Hall

A feast for the heart and soul is coming to The Royal Albert Hall, London on Monday June 15th 2015. Iconic folk-blues singer, songwriter and guitarist Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter, aka 'The King of the 12-string guitar', famed for his vast repertoire of songs and incredible influence, will be celebrated in a special night of music at [...]

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Living with Alzheimer’s: A harmonica for Ronnie

A photographic exhibition to raise awareness for Dementia during World Alzheimer's Month, September 2015-Remember Me. 'Dementia...My Father's story - Remember Me' by Mark Seymour As a professional photographer, Mark Seymour had always taken photographs of his parents and his children. So what started off as pictures of mum and dad going about their daily lives, [...]

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Elio Pace & Sky Sports Pundits We Didn’t Start The Fire

Checkout this great new promo video for The Ashes cricket tournament 2015 which features Dannecker Harmonicas endorsee Elio Pace and Sky Sports Pundits including Bumble and Nass singing about The Ashes. The track is a specially re-written version of the Billy Joel classic ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ commissioned for Sky Sports to promote their month-long TV and [...]

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Paul Jones Interview in The Blues Magazine

Checkout issue 20 of The Blues Magazine for all the latest news from Paul Jones in this excellent article written by Jamie Hailstone with photography from Will Ireland. The Blues Magazine is a bi-monthly slab of literary and visual greatness that celebrates 100 years of blues music - from legends to new faces. Brought to you by [...]

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