Harmonica repair, restoration and customisation

Harmonica repair and customisation includes the following services -

All work to harmonicas begins with the complete dismantling, cleaning and sterilisation of all component parts. Repairs are then carried out using genuine Hohner/Dannecker replacement parts. Re-build of the harmonica commences at which time each individual reed is re-set and adjusted for a rapid and even response. Further modifications are also incorporated to ensure a completely air-tight instrument. All playing edges are then re-honed, smoothed and polished for extreme comfort when playing.

The instrument is then fine tuned to Antony’s legendary tuning accuracy.

When sending your harmonica(s) to Antony please ensure that you have included your full contact details and that your harmonica is adequately packaged to prevent damage during transit.

Overseas customers should note that: CUSTOMS DUTY is NOT payable on any harmonica(s) sent from outside the United Kingdom for repair/restoration. It is important that you complete the customs docket as follows to avoid unnecessary delays in shipping and customs clearance -

“Harmonica(s) sent for Repair and Return to owner once work is completed.”

Antony Dannecker,
56 Horse Fayre Fields,
PE11 3FA.
United Kingdom.

After safe arrival in the workshop Antony will examine your harmonica(s) and contact you detailing all repair and upgrade options open to you at this time.

Blues/Diatonic Harmonicas

Price Guide For Hohner 10-hole Diatonic Harmonicas from £25:

  • Dannecker Blues
  • Cross Harp MS
  • Big River Harp MS
  • Marine Band Deluxe
  • Pro Harp MS
  • Special 20 Classic
  • Marine Band Crossover
  • Meisterklasse MS
  • Meisterklasse Classic
  • Blues Harp MS
  • Golden Melody
  • Marine Band Deluxe ‘Kompact’ Custom
  • Special 20 ‘Kompact’ Custom

Chromatic Harmonicas

Unfortunately I'm unable to accept any further chromatic harmonicas for repair/renovation at present. Please check back here for updates.