The Dannecker Blues Optimus

The Dannecker Blues Optimus - The Stratocaster of The Harp World

Having spent over 40 years building, customising and repairing harmonicas, including 100 years of Dannecker family expertise passed down through generations, I now present the pinnacle of our achievements -

Optimus Chrome 360° View

The Dannecker Blues Optimus Features:

  • Constructed and hand crafted from Chrome plated solid Brass
  • Comb and cover plates crafted from solid metal - Eco-friendly components designed to last a lifetime
  • A totally new internal Opti-Chamber™ within the core of the instrument acts as a tonal chamber which projects resonance and tonal volumes to levels so far unheard of from a blues harmonica - even when played acoustically and at low volume
  • 'Opti-Chamber'™ further enhances cupped hand expression, vibrato and deep draw and blow bends like no other harp on the planet
  • Comb and cover plates accept Hohner's top of the range Meisterklasse MS reed plates as well as the heavy gauge Hohner MS brass reed plates (especially suited to the low/tenor keys)
  • Available in the full set of keys and tunings from low D to high G
  • Weighs approximately 215 grams - slightly more than the original Dannecker Blues due to the solid metal construction
  • Entire mouthpiece and reed plate edges honed and smooth
  • Unique concept round comb mouthpiece section - for supreme playing comfort
  • Unparalleled volume from a solid brass construction
  • A totally unique and innovative harmonica exclusive to Antony Dannecker

Huey playing a Dannecker Optimus Chrome key A major (Intonated tuning).

Also Available In The Online Store - Special Presentation Cases

High quality German made carry cases are available for purchase which were designed specifically for the Optimus (but will fit any Hohner harp as well). When purchasing quantities of 4 or more of the Optimus models these cases will be free of charge.